Monthly archives: June, 2015

General Zhao 3D Model – 主赵

3D Model Player Instructions:

Click the 3D Play Button to start the model rendering software.

Click and hold the mouse button on any place inside the viewing window, and drag to rotate the model.

Double click on any part of …

Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves – 竹林七贤

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Swords of Good & Evil

Blades of Good and Evil

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Every sword has a heart. It is the heart of its master, and therefore can do great or evil things. A sword-smith had to be sure with each strike of the iron when shaping …

Juizhai Valley

Jiuzhai Valley

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The valley that embraces the beautiful Wuhua Lake is called Juizhaigou by locals. It was said in ancient times to become home to nine unearthly sisters who descended upon the valley from the skies …

Sima Zhao – 司马昭

Sima Zhao 16

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Nearly 1800 years ago, an Army General turned Regent in China succeeded in taking over many neighbouring provinces for the Emperor of Wei. But victory as they say, comes at a cost. The name …