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General Zhao 3D Model – 主赵

3D Model Player Instructions:

Click the 3D Play Button to start the model rendering software.

Click and hold the mouse button on any place inside the viewing window, and drag to rotate the model.

Double click on any part of …

Sima Zhao – 司马昭

Sima Zhao 16

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Nearly 1800 years ago, an Army General turned Regent in China succeeded in taking over many neighbouring provinces for the Emperor of Wei. But victory as they say, comes at a cost. The name …

Xi Kang – 西 康

Xi Concept (WP)

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Xi Kang was considered to be both an intellectual and literal giant. Historical accounts tell us he was over six and a half feet tall. He was known for his soaring epics on the …

Ruan Ji – 阮 籍

Ruan Concept (WP)

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Ruan Ji is considered to be one of the most gifted poets of his time. He was also a highly skilled musician and singer, with a notable talent for whistling. He could replicate the …