First Kiss

Support the world’s first LGBT+ centralized content Action RPG/MMO.

Based on a true story of passion, betrayal, war and freedom in ancient 3rd century China.


Imagine two young men… each fighting for their personal freedoms. They belong to an infamous group of rebel scholars who stood against an unjust government and a bitter war. Their mastery of the martial arts was equalled only by their love of music and poetry. They battled corruption by day and made love, music, and art by moonlight.

Our heroes had five loyal companions each willing to give their lives for what they believed. Politically serious, yet rowdy and fun loving, the Seven Sages combined ancient Chinese medicine, alchemy and magical incantation to empower themselves, while wielding eighteen different legendary weapons.

The very first in its genre, The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves is a video game that is inclusive of everyone – even heterosexuals! The thoughtfully written characters and dialogue combine seamlessly with complimentary Action RPG and MMO game play. Its goal is squarely aimed at making this a riveting experience for many in the LGBT+ community.

With such a slim representation of LGBT+ characters in our current game culture, perhaps it’s time developers acknowledge on a grander scale just how vital centralized representation is to every human being. The founder of ONEO Studios and creative supervisor of their first offering Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves Travis Jones decided to take this on as a personal mission, explaining:

“The only way the world of gaming will truly change is if someone decides to take a risk. I believe if we produce a sensitive and provocative story that doesn’t seek to tokenize our community within a predominantly heterosexual narrative we may become the benchmark that allows established studios to produce similar content.”

The story is liberally inspired by history and revolves around Ruan Ji and Xi Kang. They were members of the controversial group, The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves, who lived in 3rd century China. Though their story of love has survived an impressive 1800 years, it has been made current by *ONEO Studios through the diverse lived experiences of its staff, and those they have gathered in the LGBT+ community. “True elements of history will be faithfully replicated, however, we will overlay fictional elements and allegory to communicate about current issues much like the Sages were known for in their time,” said Jones.

Players can expect fantastic folklore, gut-wrenching drama, ancient magical tradition, and lighthearted humour. There is a struggle to find balance and enlightenment involved in playing this game, and an ever present dark side to the story. The bleak humanity in a government plotting to eliminate the Seven Sage’s growing political and spiritual movement from the public eye was motivated by greed, hatred, and vengeance. This multi-layered story is well constructed and provides a sense of realism to the characters. Both ancient and newly forged mythologies add sincerity and depth to the player’s experience.

The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves will touch on important topics, but is well balanced with challenging battle or stealth scenarios, fun puzzles, mini games, and awe inspiring art and music. Jones further described, he is setting out to create a vibrant and entertaining player experience, while talking about real issues.

“We still have challenges to face, but we’ve also had many triumphs as a community in the last 50+ years. In many places around the world we still suffer simply for being who we are. We want to tell this amazing story in a fun and interactive way that everyone can enjoy and hopefully be uplifted by”. With the goal of creating a uniquely immersive experience, Jones hopes that all gamers, LGBT+ and heterosexual people alike, might be inspired to contemplate their own views and feelings about the content he creates.