Sima Zhao 16

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Nearly 1800 years ago, an Army General turned Regent in China succeeded in taking over many neighbouring provinces for the Emperor of Wei. But victory as they say, comes at a cost. The name Sima rapidly became synonymous with avarice and death. Millions were cut down in the long bitter war. Back home, the villages became the sole responsibility of mothers, children, and the elderly who stayed behind.

Ever dwindling resources “justified” Emperor Wei’s oppressive war taxation. Severe poverty began to take the lives of villagers as night after night the children and the elderly, the vulnerable and sick became unwitting victims of this futile war. People pleaded for relief in every court in the land but neither Wei nor Sima were moved to reconsider their competing goals.

Everyone knew what was on Sima Zhao’s mind. He would make his move to sit on the throne as the supreme Emperor of a unified China at any cost.